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Holiday Programs @ Blue Fin

As another term comes to an end, and the holidays once again approach, so too do Blue Fin’s holiday intensives. With the aim of providing a boost to swimmers over the more relaxed holiday period, these intensives are a great way to spend the morning, developing swimming skills inside the cosy warmth of our Port Melbourne pool.

Running each week of the winter holidays (the week of the 1st and the week of the 8th), our holiday intensives take the form of a one-hour lesson each morning of the week, and are open to swimmers in all levels of our Learn-to-Swim program. Be they beginners who need that first layer of foundations, those close to promotion looking for that final push, or even just swimmers who want to get a little bit more out of the year, holiday programs are the perfect way to supplement regular lessons and see rapid progression in a short space of time. We at Blue Fin cannot recommend our intensives highly enough. We often see great progress in those who attend, and it is rare that clients attend just one holiday intensive in their time with us, having seen the benefits for themselves. Aside from the obvious benefits of being a fun thing to do for children looking for activities during the winter break, holiday intensives offer the following benefits:

Concentrated Swimming

Put simply, our holiday intensives provide swimmers with a term’s worth of lessons in the space of a week. We do not need to spell out the value that this increased rate of practice has, and it is no surprise that the vast majority of swimmers see significant improvement by the end of the week.


The second element of this concentrated swimming is that, unlike lessons during the school term that take place on a weekly basis, holiday intensives are daily. Children live a whole life between each lesson, learning new things every day. The element of repetition that comes with daily lessons allows for greater levels of retention of learned skills, facilitating faster development and greater confidence. The added benefit of this is that allows students to build a stronger rapport with their teacher. Spending an hour together each day builds even stronger bonds of trust and engagement, which only benefits a swimmer’s development.

Special attention

The final advantage of this is that this concentrated focus, and this developing relationship between swimmer and teacher, allows for classes and activities that cater not only to the individual needs of a swimmer, but also allow for the development of strategies for progress over the week. Lessons can be better tailored to a swimmer’s needs, short-term goals can be set and achieved, and children can take a more active role in planning their own development.

If you are interested in booking in to one of our holiday intensives, please feel free to shoot us an email at, or give us a call on 0413 581 329.

Dates and Times for July Holiday Program:

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