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A safe, fun and family friendly

environment for your child to learn to swim.

Welcome to Blue Fin!


Meet Michelle and Maidie Laidlaw, mother and daughter duo who run the Blue Fin program.


Michelle is the Founder and Owner of the Blue Fin Swim School and has been operating this business since 1980. Michelle oversees both the learn-to-swim program and squad.


Created and designed by Michelle, the Blue Fin’s Learn to Swim program is a sequential teaching system that develops skills as the swimmer’s proficiency improves and they progress from level to level.


With an expertise in swimmer’s development, Michelle is skilled in implementing teaching and training programs for all age groups.


Maidie is the Manager of the Learn to Swim Program. As Michelle’s daughter, Maidie was thrown into swimming at a very young age. While most children went to day care, Maidie had swimming lessons, starting a life long passion for the water!


At only 7 years old Maidie made her swimming debut for Blue Fin. She continued to competitively swim at various State Championships, Age and Open Championships, Commonwealth Games trials, and several Grand Prix Series swims – even qualifying for the Olympic Games Trials! Stepping away from competitive swimming in 2007, Maidie still enjoys competing in open water swimming events and triathlons.


As the Manager of the Learn to Swim program, Maidie brings a passion for technical excellence and a clear understanding of the steps involved in developing all aspects of the swimming stroke.

At Blue Fin you can always speak to our owners and managers directly, so please don’t hesitate to ask!

Blue Fin Swim School Maidie and Michelle
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