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Blue Fin's FAQ

We’ve been racking our brains to think of all the most common questions we get… hopefully some of the below answers might help you and your swimmer out!

1.What does my child need to bring?

This is one of our most common questions, particularly from new families and families who are moving from our pre-school program to our level 1 (learn to swim) class.

Goggles are a must! – we realise not all children like how googles may feel on their face, it can be a new and uncomfortable feeling at first but we please ask you to support us on this one… We PROMISE that your child will get more out of their swimming lesson if they are wearing goggles, as they help protect little eyes from chlorine and also will help your child see better while they are swimming.

You never know, they may even see a magical rainbow fish on the bottom of the pool!

For all swimmers in levels 3 to 6 we also require all our swimmers to wear swimming caps, so to avoid having to borrow or buy a new cap (we do sell Blue Fin ones), please ensure that your child comes equipped with both goggles AND a cap! Much like the goggles, the cap will help your child swim better without the distraction of hair all in their eyes!

And you can remind them that all the best Olympians wear caps to make them faster!

An extra note for parents of level 1 and 2 swimmers, although your child is not required to wear a cap, if they have hair long enough to get in their face while they are swimming we suggest you either tie their hair up or buy them a swim cap. The added bonus of this is that a pony tail / cap will help keep the goggle straps in the correct place and not slip.

2. What should I do if my child cries at the pool?

Don’t panic!

We know that at the time it may be stressful and embarrassing for both you and your child, but we promise you that your child is not the first to cry at the pool and certainly won’t be the last! Take a deep breath, there are a number of reasons that your child may be upset, and you can be sure we’ve seen them all before and will have a trick up our sleeve!

Often the most common reasons for children crying are; the pool is a new and daunting environment, there may be a new teacher or new children in their class, they may have felt rushed to get to the pool and get ready for their lesson, changing levels can be scary (for all the same aforementioned reasons!), they may have swallowed some water and given themselves a fright or many other reasons!

We are ALWAYS here to help, one of our deck teachers or the Swim School Coordinator, will be near and happy to lend a hand so please don’t hesitate to come and find us!

3. Who can I ask about my child’s progress?

It is so important to us that we can give you and your swimmer constructive feedback about their progress, and that we can collaborate with you, their parents, to ensure that they are feeling happy and motivated in their class. However, our teachers have a lot of swimmers to work with and won’t always have time to speak to you in depth so we ask that you come to speak to either the deck supervisor or Maidie in the office. In order to give you the detailed feedback we like to provide, the first thing we will do is offer to have a look at your child’s swimming, and have a chat to their teacher (when time permits). Once we have done this we will let you and your child know how they are going, what they need to work on and what else we can do to help speed up their progress.

So please don’t ever feel like there is no one you can ask about your child’s progress, there are LOTS of people who would be more than happy to chat with you!

Each day there will be a supervising deck teacher and / or Maidie, Bec or David.

Michelle Laidlaw, Managing Director, is also more than happy to speak with you at the pool or over the phone.

How can you get in touch?

  1. Email

  2. Phone – 0413 581 324 or 9646 6117

  3. In person at the pool

4. Why do I have to stay in the water with my child until they are 3 ½ years

There are a number of reasons that we continue our parent and child classes up to the age of 3 ½ (or a little older for some children if needed). Mostly, it is because we want you and your child to be safe in your lesson and to get the most out of it!

Half an hour is a very long time for a toddler (even a big 3 year old toddler!) to be asked to sit in a class and concentrate the whole time, they struggle to have the attention span or the listening skills to be safe in the pool on their own, and so require CONSTANT supervision and reminding, making it very hard for any teaching to be done.

Additionally, children under the age of four do not have the fine motor skills, nor muscle strength and control, which older children have. As such, they require a lot of physical manipulation in the water, to help them do the correct action and build the correct motor pathways. With a parent in the water with them, and a teacher instructing the parent, each child can have the 100% attention they need to ensure that these actions (eg. straight fast kicks) are learnt correctly, so that when they grow bigger and stronger they will already have the perfect technique!

Lastly, these parent and child classes are a great way to spend quality bonding time with your child. What is greater than seeing a child enjoy their lesson, is seeing a parent and a child enjoying their lesson together. We love that our Blue Fin parents look forward to their classes each week and we love that they are teaching their children such happy, healthy life habits!

5. Can I organise a makeup lesson for illness or other reasons?

YES you definitely can!

As a family run business, we completely understand that children get sick (you get sick!) events pop up, life gets hectic and sometimes swimming is missed. That is why we allow our swimmers to do two makeup lessons per term. Over the winter months we are a little more flexible due to winter colds and family holidays so if you get in contact with us we may be able to squeeze in a few more!

We do ask that you please let us know in advance if you won’t be able to make it one week, as this means that we might be able to offer your spot to another family who need to do a makeup lesson that week.

6. How can I find out about important Term Dates?

At the start of each Term we put together a week by week calendar of the term, as well as letting you know how many weeks we have each term it will also tell you:

  • Any Public Holidays we will be closed for


  • When the next term fees are due (and when you will be able to request a change of time)

  • Any special events we may have on eg. BLUE FIN WINTER GAMES!

So please remember to have a look!

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