Squad Program

The Blue Fin Squad program (run by the Blue Fin Aquarius Swimming Club) is the perfect start for a swimmer graduating a learn-to-swim program. Swimmers will pursue technical excellence within a fun and nurturing swimming club environment, perfect for a junior swimmer. 

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What's the Blue Fin difference?

Meet James, our coach! 

James Macri joined the Blue Fin's LTS program at the age of six-months, he completed the learn-to-swim program at a quick rate and eventually transitioned to squad. James has had many impressive swimming achievements, swimming at State Level for many years.


 James history with Blue Fin has come full circle, after finishing Year 12 he started working in the learn-to-swim program and then quickly progressed to the squad program as a coach. 

James uses his unique knowledge and experience to further junior swimmers, while striving to provide them with an enjoyable experience.


After two decades at Blue Fin, James hopes to pass on his passion for swimming to the next generation.