Blue Fin Swim School @ Port Melbourne!

In February Blue Fin were proud to open a brand-new pool for business! Located in Port Melbourne, owners Michelle and Maidie have taken an empty and unused warehouse and converted it into a cosy and welcoming boutique swimming pool.

This is the first pool to be solely owned and operated by Blue Fin since we left our original home in Bentleigh, meaning we can maintain and operate it at our own high standards. The first few months have been a lot of fun, welcoming clients over from our St. Kilda pool, and meeting many new and excited swimmers from the local area.

Located at 4/5 Rocklea Drive, Port Melbourne, our new facility runs 7 days a week, mornings and afternoons. Lessons start at 9:00am on weekdays and run throughout the day until 6:30pm. Saturday and Sunday mornings see lessons starting at 8:00am and 9:00am respectively, and run through to the early afternoon.

Designed for swimmers from the age of six months up to ten years old, our aim with this pool was to create a learning environment suitable for younger children and their families. The pool itself has been designed with small class sizes in mind.

Learn-to-Swim classes in Port Melbourne are limited to four or five swimmers, depending on their level. This focus allows teachers the time they need with each swimmer to make sure that children are not ignored, and their individuality respected. Many parents who have come from other swim schools note the more relaxed and focused atmosphere this brings, as well as the absence of anonymity that can come with large class sizes. Our Babies & Toddlers classes are also not crowded, each class never has more than six swimmers in it at any given time.

The pool is heated to between 33 and 35 degrees, perfect for little ones!

Outside of the pool, our play garden has been a hit with both students and parents! Complete with toys, puzzles, books, and colouring, it is a perfect way for kids to pass the time waiting for their lessons, or for siblings while their brother or sister is learning new skills in the pool.

Overall we are very proud of our new pool. It is a space that aligns with our philosophies as a swim school. It is a space that communicates the family-oriented values that we hold dear. And finally, it is a space that we hope many well enjoy sharing with us over the coming years.

We hope to see you at Port Melbourne!

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