We're Closed - 08/07/2020


As I am sure you have assumed, with the re-introduction of Stage 3 restrictions in Melbourne this evening, Blue Fin will once again be closing, to re-open when restrictions are lifted.


We are not disheartened. We have always known that there was the potential for restrictions to be re-introduced, and it is likely that this will not be the last time that this will occur. Until there is a vaccine we will all have to be flexible and adaptable.


I think we can also be very proud of how we at Blue Fin conducted ourselves during the time we were open. These recent events have made it clear how important the maintenance of strict practices and procedures is to operating in a safe manner. Though we know it was at times not easy for our clients, we believed that we have made the right choices, and operated in a way that allowed us to stay open while protecting the good health of staff, students, and clients.


We would also like to once again offer our most sincere thanks to all of you who have supported us through this period, both with your custom, and by helping us keep the swim school a safe environment. Blue Fin would be nothing without the families who swim with us. To the parents, thank you for doing your part to make this work, with your cooperation this has been a very smooth process. To the swimmers, thank you for your resilience, enthusiasm, and adaptability. I think we can all agree that our swimmers have handled this like champions.


So, for now, we are putting this current term on 'pause'. When restrictions are once again relaxed we will be back, operating in the same manner as we have been the past few weeks. We will pick up this 'Term 2' as if we were never away, so rest assured that your places are safe and accounted for.


In the meantime, we hope you all stay safe, kind, and considerate in times that are difficult for all. If we all take care of each other we will see out these difficult times.


Many Thanks, 


Maidie, Michelle and the team at Blue Fin




Please read FAQ before attending your lesson.


If you or your child are showing any symptoms, please do not come to your lesson. 

COVID-19 Update - 21/06/20


As you may be aware, as of this week we are entering the next stage of restrictions on sports and recreation facilities.


As we are sure there will be frequent changes over the coming months, we want to ensure the communication process is as simple as possible. From now on our updates will simply provide instructions for swimmers of each of our levels, so parents can easily track what our expectations are.


The good news is that clients are now able to use the change rooms. With this as an option, our aim for this week is to extend classes from 20 to 25 minutes. However we can only do this with your help, as we cannot stay under the limit on numbers if classes overlap. We ask that once your children are out of the pool, you move to the change room to dry and dress them.


Babies and Toddlers - Swim, Change and Go

- Enter building no earlier than 2 minutes prior to class. Please come changed for your class.
- Only one parent or guardian brings swimmer.

- Parents and swimmers may use shower for a quick rinse. No prolonged washing.

- Swimmers may use change rooms for a quick change. 
- Parents and swimmers must have exited the main pool space for change rooms by the start of the following lesson.
- Change tables will be available for use in change rooms.


Pre-School A and Pre-School B - Swim and Go
- Enter building no earlier than 2 minutes prior to class. Please come changed for your class.
- No more than one parent may accompany swimmers into pool complex.
- Swimmers are not yet permitted to use showers.

- Swimmers and parents must have exited the main pool space for change rooms by the start of the following lesson.

Level 1 & Level 2 - Swim and Go
- Enter building no earlier than 2 minutes prior to class. Please come changed for your class.
- No more than one parent may accompany swimmers into pool complex.
- Swimmers are not yet permitted to use showers.

- Swimmers and parents must have exited the main pool space for change rooms by the start of the following lesson.

Level 3 & Level 4 - Swim and Go
- Enter building no earlier than 2 minutes prior to class. Please come changed for your class.
- Parents are encouraged to remain outside of pool complex.
- Swimmers are not yet permitted to use showers.

- Swimmers and parents must have exited the main pool space for change rooms by the start of the following lesson.

A friendly reminder that swimming lessons will be continuing as per usual over the school holidays, as we will be foregoing our holiday programs and continuing with our term classes. Please read previously posted FAQ's below, if you require further clarification. 


Once again we want to give our most sincere thanks to all of you. The return to swimming has gone very smoothly so far, in no small part due to cooperation and understanding of our clients. It is only with your support that these new practices will be effective.


In particular, I would like to personally thank the clients who booked in for Term 2 and left a credit with our business without knowing the outcome of COVID-19 and when classes would resume. Your extremely generous gesture ensured our business would be able to open, and open with the staff you know and love. 


We will continue to keep you updated as restrictions are lifted over the coming months.


Many Thanks, 

Maidie, Michelle & the team at Blue Fin 




COVID-19 Update - 26/05/20

I hope you are all well and safe as we start our transition to the “new normal”. 

As you are aware, this week Victoria moved to Stage 3 restrictions to combat the spread of COVID-19.


These new restrictions allow for the opening of pools and swim schools, under certain restrictions. 


As such, we are delighted to announce that Blue Fin will be restarting business from Monday the 1st of June. We have been waiting for a long time, and could not be more excited to see everyone again after such a prolonged absence.

We will be running an 11-week 'Term 2' and a shortened 'Term 3', with the intention to return to adherence to the regular school term calendar for the beginning of Term 4. This means that we will be swimming through the upcoming school holidays and foregoing school holiday programs until the end of the year. 

To confirm, the 11-week Term 2 that you booked in for will start on Monday 1st of June and finish on Sunday 16th of August. 

In order to adhere to the Victorian Government's guidelines, there will be some temporary alterations to our regular practices:

  • Class sizes will be limited to three per lane. 

  • In order to adhere to social-distancing requirements, afternoon and weekend classes will run for 25 minutes, in order to allow five minutes between classes to clear and clean the space. We understand this is not ideal, but we believe that the smaller class sizes will make up for the time lost. 

  • Group activities and time spent on the platform will be kept to a minimum.

  • Change rooms and showers will be closed to clients. However the baby change tables will be relocated to the play garden to allow parents to change their babies and toddlers.

  • Entry to the building will be through the front door, and exit through the change room side door.

  • Clients are encouraged to carpool, and to drop-off swimmers, to limit the number of people within the building.

  • Staff will continue the practice of regular and thorough cleaning of surfaces that was put in place prior to our closure.

We understand that these policies will have an impact, particularly on parents and guardians. However they are necessary to work within the restrictions placed on us. We will be seeking your support and input throughout the term to adapt these practices, and will keep you up to date with any changes.


With your help we can minimise disruptions and make this period as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

You will keep the same class time as you had before the shutdown. If you would like to use this opportunity to look at an alternative time, or you feel that you are not yet ready to return to lessons, please let us know by emailing maidie@bluefinswim.com so that we can accommodate your request.


We are also considering running private lessons before school if it was to make clients feel more comfortable. 

We’re so excited to be back and can’t wait to see your children’s smiling faces!

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us at maidie@bluefinswim.com

Please read FAQ before attending your class next week. 


Thank you for your support, 

The Team at Blue Fin

Covid-19 FAQ for Re-Opening on Monday 1st of June 2020


Are the showers and change rooms open?

No. As per Victorian Regulations, the change rooms and showers are closed.


Can I use the toilet?

Yes, you can. However, when possible please use your toilet at home before you leave.


How would Blue Fin like us to arrive to our lesson?

Two minutes before the lesson, please enter the building in bathers and a towel. Parents and Swimmers will proceed up the ramp and the teacher will invite you into the class.


We usually love swimmers arriving early to their classes, unfortunately for the next month this will not be possible. We are required to minimise the amount of time each client spends in the venue and strictly follow regulations. If you are too early, we may need to ask you to wait outside. 


How would Blue Fin like us to leave the lesson?

Teachers will stagger children and parents exiting the pool. When your child exits the pool, immediately wrap them in a towel/dressing gown and put shoes on before exiting the building as quickly as you can via the pool stairs. 


At Blue Fin we have a side door which is usually closed. For the foreseeable future all clients will exit the venue via the change rooms and out the side door. We will have signage to direct you where to go. 


Unfortunately due to the guidelines, we will not be allowing any swimmers to change in and out of their bathers on the pool deck. We do understand that this is not ideal however we have to ensure that we strictly follow all restrictions and guidelines. These rules will ensure the safety of parents, children and staff.

To confirm, entry is via the normal entry up the ramp. Exit is via the pool stairs, change rooms and side door.

Can I watch my child's class?

Yes you can, we have allowed one guardian per swimmer/family. Please social distance around the pool area, this may mean that you might need to sit down in the play garden and utilise other seating as there will not be enough on the deck (to socially distance). 


What if I'm in a parent and child class with a young baby or toddler?

The baby change tables will be located in the play garden for your use. Please exit the pool via the stairs, change your baby in the play area and then leave the venue via the change rooms and side door. If you have a pram we will chat to you at the pool to discuss your best exit option while maintain social distance to those entering.


Can I bring a sibling?

Due to restrictions on number of the patrons in the building, you will need to contact Maidie (maidie@bluefinswim.com) and arrange for any siblings to be present when not in a lesson.


Pool Water and COVID-19?

Most importantly, we want to assure all concerned clients that the virus cannot be transmitted via pool water. If you would like a more thorough understanding of our filtration system, do not hesitate to contact us.


Furthermore, Government guidelines require that a commercial pool be tested every 4 hours, for our clients peace of mind we will be testing every 2 hours to ensure optimal water quality. At Blue Fin, the pool’s filtration system (which is only 2 years old) is state of the art, running 24/7 and the equipment is checked weekly by a pool technician.


How will the venue be cleaned and maintained?

As with all work-places and public spaces, the risk of infection is highest when standard hygiene practices are not observed.  


As such we are undertaking the following steps:

- We will be cleaning during all teaching shifts and between teaching shifts to ensure all surfaces are regularly wiped down with disinfectants that meet government recommendations.
- We have hand sanitiser and antiseptic wipes available at the reception desk upon arrival.
- Unfortunately, we think it is best that in the short-term, all toys are removed from the play area and the play garden remains closed (for play).

-Teachers will clean all their equipment between classes. If you prefer you're welcome to bring your child's own kick board and equipment for the class. 


What staff procedures are you implementing?

- All staff will be washing their hands upon entering the facility. 

-They will be wiping equipment with antiseptic wipes between lessons, and any equipment used during the lesson will only be used by one child.

- All staff will be completing COVID-19 online training. 

-They will be using hand sanitiser between each class.

-No staff member will be allowed to work if they present with any symptoms.


How will swimming lessons look different?

1.Reduced numbers – to follow the current Victoria Regulations all class sizes will be reduced. For most clients this will not be a problem. With some classes we have had to contact families to request a short term change of time to comply with these restrictions.


2. Reduced lesson time - your swimming lesson will be shorter to allow distancing and to limit the number of people in the building at any one time. All class sizes will be smaller, and children will be encouraged to distance where they can. During the class teachers will be limiting physical interaction wherever possible. We are aiming for a 25 minute class time, during the first week this may be slightly shorter as we will all be adjusting to get all children and parents out of the venue in a timely and efficient manner.

We believe reduced class sizes and continual swimming will make up for the 5 minute reduction in lesson time. 


3. Level 2 Class - teachers of Level 2 swimmers will be teaching classes out of the water to adhere to regulation. We will send parents an email update regarding Level 2 class changes. 


What are the Term 2 dates?

Monday 1st of June  2020 to Sunday 16th of August 2020


If I paid for Term 2 am I automatically enrolled to start on Monday 1st of June?

Yes, if you have been receiving updates you are automatically enrolled for Term 2 (the same day and lesson time).


What if I’m not ready to return yet?

No problem! We understand and want you to be comfortable, if you do not wish to return please email maidie@bluefinswim.com

I have a few more questions?

Please contact Maidie at maidie@bluefinswim.com or call 0431 709 226. 


How are you all feeling at Blue Fin?

WE ARE EXCITED!!! We also feel very prepared and organised to move into the new normal!

We can't wait to see you and thank you for your support!!!