COVID-19 FAQ for Opening on Monday 9th of November

If you or your child are showing any symptoms, please do not come to your lesson. 

Are the showers and change rooms open?

No, we would like to encourage all clients to change and shower at home when possible. 


Can I use the toilet?

Yes, you can. However, when possible please use your toilet at home before you leave.


How would Blue Fin like us to arrive to our lesson?

Please do not enter the building until two minutes before your lesson starts, already in your bathers and towel. Parents and swimmers will proceed up the ramp and the teacher will invite you into the class.


We usually love swimmers arriving early to their classes, unfortunately for the next month this will not be possible. We are required to minimise the amount of time each client spends in the venue and strictly follow regulations. If you are too early, we may need to ask you to wait outside. 


How would Blue Fin like us to leave the lesson?

Teachers will stagger children and parents exiting the pool. When your child exits the pool, immediately wrap them in a towel/dressing gown and put shoes on before exiting the building as quickly as you can via the pool stairs. 


At Blue Fin we have a side door which is usually closed. For the foreseeable future all clients will exit the venue via the change rooms and out the side door. We will have signage to direct you where to go. 

To confirm, entry is via the normal entry up the ramp. Exit is via the pool stairs, change rooms and side door.

Can I watch my child's class?

Yes you can, we have allowed one guardian per swimmer/family. Please social distance around the pool area, this may mean that you might need to sit down in the play garden and utilise other seating as there will not be enough on the deck (to socially distance). 


What if I'm in a parent and child class with a young baby or toddler?

The baby change tables will be located in the change rooms for your use. Please exit the pool via the stairs, change your baby in the change grooms and then leave the venue via the side door. If you have a pram we will chat to you at the pool to discuss your best exit option while maintain social distance to those entering.


Can I bring a sibling?

Due to restrictions on number of the patrons in the building, you will need to contact Maidie ( and arrange for any siblings to be present when not in a lesson.


Pool Water and COVID-19?

Most importantly, we want to assure all concerned clients that the virus cannot be transmitted via pool water. If you would like a more thorough understanding of our filtration system, do not hesitate to contact us.


Furthermore, Government guidelines require that a commercial pool be tested every 4 hours, for our clients peace of mind we will be testing every 2 hours to ensure optimal water quality. At Blue Fin, the pool’s filtration system (which is only 2 years old) is state of the art, running 24/7 and the equipment is checked weekly by a pool technician.


How will the venue be cleaned and maintained?

As with all work-places and public spaces, the risk of infection is highest when standard hygiene practices are not observed.  


As such we are undertaking the following steps:

- We will be cleaning during all teaching shifts and between teaching shifts to ensure all surfaces are regularly wiped down with disinfectants that meet government recommendations.
- We have hand sanitiser, gloves and antiseptic wipes available at the reception desk upon arrival.
- Unfortunately, we think it is best that in the short-term, all toys are removed from the play area and the play garden remains closed (for play).

-Teachers will clean all their equipment between classes. If you prefer you're welcome to bring your child's own kick board and equipment for the class. 


What staff procedures are you implementing?

- All staff will be washing their hands upon entering the facility. 

- All staff will be temperature checked. 

- They will be wiping equipment with antiseptic wipes between lessons, and any equipment used during the lesson will only be used by one child.

- They will be using hand sanitiser between each class.

- No staff member will be allowed to work if they present with any symptoms.


How will swimming lessons look different?

1.Reduced numbers – to follow the current Victoria Regulations some class sizes will be reduced. For most clients this will not be a problem. With some classes we have had to contact families to request a short term change of time to comply with these restrictions.


2. Reduced lesson time - your swimming lesson will be shorter to allow distancing and to limit the number of people in the building at any one time. All class sizes will be smaller, and children will be encouraged to distance where they can. During the class teachers will be limiting physical interaction wherever possible. 

We believe reduced class sizes and continual swimming will make up for the reduction in lesson time. 

What are the Term 4 dates?

Monday 9th of November to Sunday 20th of December.  


I was previously enrolled in Term 2 prior to the shutdown - do I have a credit on my account?

For clients on Thursday to Sunday, you will have a 6 lesson credit remaining on your account from the most recent closure therefore no fees are owed. Clients on Monday to Wednesday, will have a 5 lesson credit on your account and therefore will owe Blue Fin for one extra lesson during Term 4 (we will email these clients). Clients without credits will owe for the 6 week Term 4.


What if I’m not ready to return yet?

No problem! We understand and want you to be comfortable, if you do not wish to return please email

I have a few more questions?

Please contact Maidie at or call 0431 709 226. 


How are you all feeling at Blue Fin?

WE ARE EXCITED!!! We also feel very prepared and organised to move into the new normal!

We can't wait to see you and thank you for your support!!!